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Department of Diagnostic Ultrasound

An ultrasound examination is the safest and most informative method of diagnostics. It is used to examine all organs and tissue of the human body. It has no contraindications. Ultrasound examinations are carried out by the experience medical specialists.

Ultrasound examinations help

  • to early detect various diseases;
  • to make diagnosis;
  • to timely prescribe treatment;
  • to monitor the prescribed treatment and its results.


Natalya Natalya N. Zimnistkata

1st qualification category physician.

A patient needs to prepare for some types of ultrasound examinations.

Abdominal ultrasound (including the assessment of the function of the gallbladder)

The examination helps to detect the diseases of the liver, kidneys and the pancreas. If you have abdominal pains, bitter taste in mouth, vomiting, diarrhea or constipations, you need to undergo the ultrasound examination of the abdomen.



  • avoid eating fresh fiber-rich vegetables, whole milk, dark bread, beans, carbonated drinks, cakes and pastry 2-3 days before the examination;
  • take enzyme drugs and intestinal absorbents (e.g. festal, mezym forte, activated charcoal or espumizan), which can help to relieve flatulence ;
  • avoid eating before examination, if the examination is scheduled for the afternoon, you make have a light breakfast;
  • avoid smoking before the examination;

The ultrasound of the kidneys, urinary bladder and pelvic organs

The examination helps to detect kidney stones, measure their size, determine their location in the kidney and detect possible complications (changes of the kidney structure, urinary flow disturbance

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Chief of the Department: +375-17-290-81-63