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The Clinical Laboratory

The Clinical Laboratory of the 2nd City Children’s Clinical Hospital is a modern laboratory where the latest diagnostic techniques are applied, i.e. liquid chromatography, immunofluorescence, immunoturbidimetry, etc. The specialists of the laboratory also use the manual methods of testing, i.e. analysis of the synovial fluid, dialysate and urine.


Elena V. Kilchevskaya,

higher qualification category of laboratory physician with over 30 years of experience in the field.

The staff of the laboratory consists of 7 clinical laboratory physicians and 12 clinical laboratory technicians each having a qualification category. The clinical laboratory has the following hi-tech equipment: Olympus AU 400 automated clinical chemistry analyzer (Japan), Sysmex XS-800i hematology analyzer (Japan), HLC-723GX automated glycohemoglobin Analyzer (Japan); electrolyte, acid-base balance, hemostasis, glucose and lactate analyzers, etc.


Types of Tests:

  • blood chemistry: cardiac markers, lipid profile, markers of iron metabolism, early markers of kidney function;
  • coagulation tests, including D-dimers;
  • acid-base balance, including electrolytes, glucose, lactate;
  • immunological tests, including acute-phase proteins, markers of bacterial infections, ELISA and fluorescence immunoassay for hormones;
  • immunohematology tests, including the gel tests for blood group and red-cell antibodies;
  • general clinical tests of the urine, synovial fluid and dialysate.

The Clinical Laboratory is a multi-field laboratory, where a wide range of tests is carried out

  • general clinical tests;
  • hematology tests;
  • blood chemistry tests;
  • tests of the state of hemostasis;
  • serology tests
  • immunological tests

To learn more about the tests and prices, please, visit the Paid Service section.


Chief of the Department: +375-17-2990-81-20